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Top 5 E-marketing Strategies For Business

Stepping into the future with e-marketing to help get your business pumping is something every business needs to consider. E-marketing verse traditional marketing is beginning to win the race with its affordability and effectiveness.

It promises the business owner a way to build your business and your brand like never before. And the great part about it is that your customers now expect it. Everyone is searching online for products and services so you need to take action and get on board.

Here are 5 e-marketing strategies to get you started.

Email Marketing
As a business owner or internet marketer you might think that email is no longer affective because your own inbox is probably jam-packed with hundreds of emails. However for the average person, email marketing is still very effective. Email marketing allows you to speak to your customer directly, one on one, appeal to their senses and drive them back to your business or website so you can make the sale.

Heaps of business owners I speak to don’t see the purpose in twitter at all. But think of it as being huge rooms of people chatting and networking. That’s exactly what they are all doing. The great part about it is if your business is only located in a particular area, you can zone into other local businesses. Once you follow them they will usually follow you back and then you can network with them.

I read somewhere that Facebook has just passed a trillion page views! That is a large number of people and they are all on Facebook socializing. If you haven’t noticed already the world has changed, communities have moved online. If you want your business to get in front of these communities then you have to get your business online and start talking about it.

If you haven’t got a blog already then you really need to think seriously about starting a business blog. There are so many benefits to blogging such as making your website dynamic, communicating with your customers, appealing to the search engines by making your website content relevant, you can increase sales, and get more interaction happening. When you have a blog the ideas are only limited to your own creativity.

Video Marketing
Face to face sales still win the race hands down when it comes to marketing. But with video marketing you get to put your face in front of people. Allow them to get to know you. People buy from people they know, like and trust. So with video you can develop a deeper relationship with your customers, build trust, and the sale will come much easier to you. A word of advice about video marketing…most people are scared to do it. But you just have to do it. Don’t judge yourself too much just get in front of the camera and start sharing your message.

Well that sums it up.

Get started on these 5 strategies to begin with, focus on getting them right and developing a system and the results will speak for themselves.

Printed Mugs Are a Fabulous Business Advertising Tool

For a small business (to a mid-sized business), if you really are looking to get your business name out in the minds of the consumers, the best way to do so is by offering them products which feature the business name on it. From things like t-shirts, printed lanyards, mouse pads, and things which they will use on a daily basis, like printed mugs. The use of a printed mug for marketing and as an advertising tool is probably the best choice a company can decide upon using, in order to really reach the largest target audience, and to spend a very low amount in making the mugs in order to offer (or sell) to consumers in the market.

Having mugs printed is something which is a great way for the consumer to really remember a business name. Mugs are something neutral, can be given to both men and women, are durable, are used on a daily basis, in most cases more than once a day, and they are the type of item that people love receiving, and the type of item which will not offend any consumer as will other products which businesses might employ as advertising tools. Mugs are the perfect way to place the business name on a product, and mass produce the product, so it can be offered to a large audience base, and cost the business a low cost in terms of advertisement and marketing product.

Choosing something as simple as placing the company name or logo on a mug, is a way of the consumer seeing your company’s name every time they use the mug. Especially when businesses give away these promotional mugs, for example, when they get a person as a new client, or when they are just offering advertisements to promote the business. And, the next time that a consumer is ready to buy a product your business sells, they are going to remember your company’s name, due to the fact that they are seeing it on a daily basis using the great promotional mug you gave them.

So, if you really want to reach a large audience base, for a fairly low advertising cost, and want to make the kind of product which can be given to all consumers, then the use of printed mugs as an advertising mechanism is really a great way for a business to get their name out there. Not only will consumers and potential consumers love the mug that you gave them, but, you are going to spend a pretty low cost (per mug) when you have these mugs printed in mass quantities.

So, really offer a great product to your consumers, and choose mugs as a promotional tactic.